Belini attends Dyle-Senne day in Mechelen

Maar liefst 138 deelnemers zakten op 22 november af naar het Cultuurcentrum van Mechelen voor de tweede Dijle-Zennedag.

European workshop on the implementation of river basin management plans

Op 14 november organiseerden de collega’s van Internationaal Milieubeleid (ALMC) en AIW een workshop over de toepassing van ‘afwijkingen’ in de stroomgebiedbeheerplannen. Met een 100-tal deelnemers en heel wat kennisdeling mag van een geslaagde workshop gesproken worden.

Successful inauguration of fish ladder at Sluispark in Leuven

On Sunday 13 October, we inaugurated the fish ladder in Leuven along with Flanders Environment Agency. Thanks to this fish ladder, fish can now swim upstream around the weir and reach the upper and side waters of the Dyle to spawn and rear their young there.

Tubize Partner Meeting

The various partners in the Belini project came together on Thursday 12 September to exchange their experiences and results from the previous months. Our auditors from NEEMO and EASME also attended the meeting in Tubize.

New Demer Bend officially opened by canoe

On 25 April, the competent Ministers, Ben Weyts and Koen Van den Heuvel officially opened the new Demer Bend, constructed as part of this project, by canoe

Natural flood plain on the Coeurcq now in service

Work on the new natural flood plain on the Coeurcq in Tubize has now been completed. The new flood plain was already in service during the heavy rainfall in early March.

Workshop on exemptions in the Water Framework Directive

On 16 October 2018, we conducted a workshop on exemptions in the Water Framework Directive.

European IP projects together at LIFE IP Platform event

On 10 and 11 April, LIFE Belini organised a LIFE IP Platform event in Brussels. 40 delegates of LIFE projects from different European member states came together to share their ideas and experiences with one other.

LIFE Belini at Brussels waterdays

Sunday 25 March marked the close of Brussels Water Days. Life Bellini set up a full-blown water village at the Maximilian Park in Brussels

Launch event: a successful start

On Tuesday 24 May, about 70 guests gathered at the HUSA President Park Hotel in Brussels for an event to launch the LIFE Belini project.